Conduct Online Exams Fairly With Secure Proctoring Software

Use a proctoring software that takes the guess work and troubleshooting woes out of online assessments. Make education and online exams accessible when you let technology work for you, not the other way around.

Welcome to the world of online assessments

AI and technology should make our lives easier, not harder. Proctoring software enabled educational institutes around the globe to continue providing education during the pandemic. However, online assessments presented their own set of problems, from accessibility issues to legal ones. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that certain organizations are considering a return to traditional exams. 

But we believe that online exams are a channel that is still worth refining. Especially if it means eliminating the need for paper, physical monitoring, and manual grading that can take up to months of advanced preparation. 

Mercer | Mettl has come up with a way for educational institutions to configure, monitor, grade, and proctor exams online. With the ability to hold exams anytime, anywhere, and receive immediate feedback, we believe that online assessments can hold the secret to the future of education.

Mercer | Mettl’s online exam platform featuring anti-cheating technology

  • An exam platform that is:

    • Customizable — Tailor exams for any level or discipline
    • Scalable — Conduct both large and small scale exams with ease via our cloud-based platform
    • Secure — Guaranteed information security and data privacy
    • Feature-rich — Build customised questions from a broad range of formats and 6+ simulators
  • Our anti-cheating-technology supports:

    AI-based proctoring — Detect cheating automatically with 95% accuracy

    Human proctoring — Monitor exams as if you were in person with live recording

    Websites and software disabler — With a proprietary Mercer | Mettl anti-cheating browser

    Candidate authentication — Verification through OTP, email and ID

Why choose Mercer | Mettl as a partner for your virtual online exams

  • Ease the workload of candidates and administrators

    Automated proctoring and instant results
  • Versatile formatting options for mathematical equations

    An interface that supports formulae, equations, and long-answers in any format
  • Robust data security

    Data encryption and hosting that complies with international standards
  • Anti-cheating features

    Human and AI safeguards for candidate authentication 
  • Automatic results in-real time

    Provide detailed feedback for every question to promote learning
  • 24/7 support from exam experts

    A dedicated team that is here for you, always
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