Local Plus Reports

All you need to know about host-based compensation and benefits approaches for international employees in Asia.

The Local Plus Report provides comprehensive insights on how organizations design their benefit provisions for foreign employees using a local plus compensation approach.

Each report contains market practices on statutory and non-statutory benefits and captures the latest trends and data on industry-specific provisions.

Topics covered

  • Annual Base Salary
  • Total Guaranteed Salary 
  • Total Cash Compensation
  • Relocation Allowance
  • Shipping Assistance
  • Temporary Housing
  • Housing & Utilities 
  • Dependent’s Education 
  • Spousal and Family Support 


  • Statutory Leave Benefits
  • Medical Benefits
  • Death & Disability Benefits
  • Retirement Benefits
  • VISA & Immigration Assistance
  • Transportation
  • Tax Assistance
  • Lump Sum Local Plus Allowance
  • Localization
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