Global Talent Trends 2024 | Asia 

Global Talent Trends 2024

Employers in Asia face complex people risks amid a tech-driven environment

What we are seeing in Asia:

  • 41% of executives believe the biggest productivity boost to their businesses is by investing in AI.
  • 62% of organizations, however, adopt new technology without transforming the way that employees work.
  • 45% of employees believe that too much busy work depletes productivity.

With the Global Talent Trends report, gain the necessary insights to unlock the potential of human capital and productivity amidst rapid technological transformation

Driven by new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) adoption, Asia’s workplace is evolving rapidly, leading to fundamental changes to work and the work experience. Businesses keen to adopt new technology need to ensure that their talent strategy aligns to their technology roadmaps, while also making sustainable improvements in productivity and employee well-being through areas such as work redesign and aligning skills with appropriate pay and career scales.

To learn what companies are doing to best position themselves in shaping the people agenda in 2024, Mercer surveyed 3,600 business executives, HR leaders, employees, and investors across Asia. The latest Global Talent Trends global report and Asia snapshot reveals their sentiments and offers critical insights into how organizations can navigate the convergence of technology and people challenges by focusing on these four priorities: 

Drive human-centric productivity

Improving productivity is at the top of executives’ minds but employees report that "too much busy work with no value” is depleting productivity.

Anchor to trust and equity

Employees’ trust in their organizations to do the right thing for them have plummeted from 80% in 2022 to 65% in 2024. The main reason for the erosion of trust is broken promises, such as not delivering on promotions, raises, and career opportunities.  

Boost the corporate immune system

Employees in Asia still report being burnt out (83% in 2024 vs. 83% in 2022) and the top two reasons are financial strain and exhaustion.

Cultivate a digital-first culture

The way that companies are adopting new technologies without transforming the way people work impacts their ability to retrain and redeploy people into new roles effectively.
As organizations seek to boost productivity by leveraging technology, their ability to adapt people strategy and gain the trust of employees will determine whether they can effectively implement technology and realize productivity gains.”
Lewis Garrad, Career Practice Leader, Mercer Asia

Asia snapshot

Get a quick look at the key findings from respondents in Asia and actionable insights to help businesses in the region thrive. 

Get more from the global report.

Dive deeper for more insights to support your efforts to enhance productivity and talent retention in a tech-augmented world. 

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