Building on the previous manpower studies, the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has engaged Mercer to embark on a Singapore Maritime Cluster Manpower Study 2019/20. The study brings together elements of competency, benefits & compensation, and demand & supply studies. The three concurrent work streams in one study would enable MPA to understand the impact of the rapid changes in the maritime business environment on the maritime workforce in terms of skills and competency, benefits and compensation, and demand and supply. The resulting insights would help MPA formulate more targeted and effective manpower policies to support the growth of the Singapore Maritime Cluster. 

  • Participants of the benefits & compensation (B&C) segment of the Manpower Study have been invited to Technical Sharing Sessions where Mercer/MPA will be sharing cross-sector, inter-temporal analysis on benefits and compensation trends.

  • COVID-19 Pay & Bonus Pulse Survey Results:  The COVID-19 outbreak has forced HR departments worldwide to rapidly and repeatedly rethink work arrangements, staff engagement and compensation-related policies in order to safeguard the well-being of employees. To better understand how maritime companies are responding to COVID-19, we will also be sharing insights gathered in this session.

Mansi Shetty (Principal Consultant)

Ivan Tan (Associate Principal Consultant) 

Webinar Recording Details

Title: 2019/2020 MPA Maritime Cluster Benefits & Compensation Study Technical Sharing Session

Date: 15 April 2020

Language: English

Time: 09:00 AM - 11:45 AM SGT

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