COVID-19 has severely disrupted the way we work, and impacted the global economy. Business leaders are being tested, need to act fast and be resilient, realign and reinvent.

How do you balance financial stability, lead through uncertainty, and be ready for the rebound?

Weekly on Thursdays, for 60 minutes, we spotlight topics that you say are your immediate business focus. Ask any questions you may have, challenge our senior consultants and business leaders, and hear best practices applied by other employers. We look forward to having you join us. 


  • How is COVID-19 is changing the nature of work, and what does that mean for supporting employees in the future?


There is no doubt that people, teams and organizations need resilience right now. But what does that really mean? In this interactive conversation, we are bringing together an organizational psychologist, a workplace wellness expert, and a data and technology specialist to discuss. We will cover the tools and strategies for supporting people through the public health crisis, and the work challenges it creates.

Business leaders, CHROs and HR leaders in Singapore, plus any organizations with operations/interest in Singapore.

Nan Duangnapa, Head of Innovation and Data Analytics

Krystal Tang, Consultant, Wellness & Partnerships

Lewis Garrad, Partner, Solutions Leader

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