Our annual Health on Demand 2023 report has revealed that Singapore employers lag behind Asia when it comes to providing benefits in times of need and emergency. Are you providing sufficient support for your employees? Do you know what they value?

The Health on Demand 2023 studied over 17,000 employees globally to explore their health and benefits priorities, providing invaluable insights into their perspectives on health and well-being. In this report, we also surveyed over 1,000 Singapore-based employees.

Get key takeaways on the below:

  • Different employee groups, such as Gen Z, women, and caregivers etc, have distinct priorities that evolve over time. Understand the insights into these varying needs and preferences and the benefits that resonate with these groups
  • How can companies use benefits to attract and retain top talent?
  • Practical tips - find out how businesses can contribute to enhancing preventative healthcare and discuss the actions companies can take to support these efforts

Join us as we uncover actionable insights and strategies to shape your organization's benefits strategies and create a healthier and more supportive work environment.

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