The world's largest and most comprehensive employee compensation resource

As employers grapple with stagflation, pandemic recovery, remote working, and the labour shortage, how much to pay your employees has never been more delicate nor complex. More than ever, the quantity and quality of the employee compensation information you use are critical.

Mercer has the world's largest and most comprehensive workforce rewards data – so you can always be sure you are making the right remuneration decisions. 

Making employee compensation decisions in complexity

It’s a complicated time to attract and retain talent. When it comes to employee compensation – a fundamental tool in the workforce rewards toolbox – there are now arguably more factors to consider than at any other time:

  • How do you know you are paying fairly across your geographically diverse locations?
  • Are you over- or under-paying against industry standards?
  • How do you balance market-wide wage stagnation with compensating becoming a resignation impetus?
  • How do you assemble the elements you need to build a market-leading employee rewards programme?
  • When is the right time to do an employee compensation audit?
  • Can you justify your employee compensation decisions?
  • What does a good employee compensation strategy look like now?
  • Given all the factors in flux, do you need the expertise of a compensation consultant?

The global talent scarcity means your compensation plans need not only to be robust, but stand out – locally, regionally, and across the world.

Mercer can partner with you to answer all these critical questions and more with our total remuneration data, and consultant services. 

Employee compensation data from 50,000 participating organisations worldwide, including 25 million incumbents, referencing 400,000 roles.
Mercer’s Total Remuneration Survey

The compensation and benefits data the world uses to remunerate

Mercer’s Total Remuneration Survey (TRS) is built on more than 20 years of experience and expertise. It is the world's largest and most comprehensive employee total remuneration resource, including benefits data – in 140 locations.

TRS has its foundations in exceptional data. But more than data, TRS is backed by the latest Mercer insights and research, so you can be certain that you are making considered employee compensation decisions based on expert knowledge.

Mercer TRS provides timely, accurate, and high-quality remuneration information, wherever and whenever you need it.

Total rewards

Total Remuneration Survey

The world's largest and most comprehensive remuneration resource.

Why do organisations across the world choose TRS for their employee compensation?

Mercer’s TRS results give you access to comprehensive employee total remuneration survey featuring 50,000 participating organisations worldwide, 25 million incumbents and 400,000 jobs at all levels — locally, regionally and globally. TRS provides consistent, accurate, high-quality data covering the full employee rewards package, everything from base pay to total remuneration and benefits. View the brochure and sample report to learn more.

TRS applies the same methodology globally regardless of location. The entire database is underpinned with Mercer Job Library catalogue and position coding, as well as the International Position Evaluation (IPE) systems for global consistency. Mercer Job Library is a globally consistent catalogue for Mercer's compensation and benefits surveys, providing benchmarking analysis approach covering nearly every job existing on the market.

A summary of organisations’ remuneration policies, which include salary budget forecasts, compensation mix by employee groups, short-term and long-term incentive global an local practices, as well as benefits.

You will have a chance to attend survey meetings happening twice a year and network with other HR professionals facing similar issues. The kick-off survey meeting at the beginning of the survey data collection process and the post-survey meeting once the survey results are published. Here you can see the upcoming events schedule.

Easy online data submission with Mercer Data Connector which allows you to share your survey data with us faster with seamless importing, online job matching, and real-time tracking. Using millions of data points, Mercer Data Connector uses a proprietary algorithm to search and compare your position titles to the Mercer Job Library. It is the first component of the Data-as-a-Service portal that revolutionises online data acquisition.

The survey results are delivered through Mercer WIN® which allows you to create custom statistics tailored to your needs, based on peer groups, revenue size, total number of employees, and more. Analyse data across markets simultaneously, create unlimited peer groups, refine the market, compare your data vs. the market, combine jobs, export to Excel, and much more. All at no additional cost!

As a client of Mercer you have exclusive access to the Mercer Resources Centre - a dedicated space with a complete library of training and information resources about Mercer’s survey incl. TRS and other solutions - all in one place - to get you ready to become a participate and take full advantage of the survey results.

Our Total Remuneration Membership Programme enhances the value of the information services we provide. Being a member unlocks a discounted rate as well as a personal client relationship where we partner with you to meet your organisational goals.

Talent All Access Portal

Available in a range of different options, get easy access to the data, tools and insights you need to lead your organisation toward success.

Total Remuneration Membership Programme = global employee compensation data and services

Mercer Total Remuneration Membership Programme enhances the value of the information services we provide.

Being a member enables you to enjoy the benefits of an unmatched discount, and a personal and privileged relationship in which your success is the ultimate outcome.

Your choices:

  1. Complete access to the entire global database, and the TRS Global Membership Package is offering a discount of over 50%! 
  2. Choose a flexible TRS Regional Package, including countries of your choice.

Benefits of Mercer’s Total Remuneration Membership Programme:

  • Access the largest and highest quality employee compensation resource with special pricing arrangements.
  • Move away from typical "vendor relationships" and enjoy the benefits of a true partnership with your information supplier.
  • Global administration and coordination of participation, invoicing, and delivery.
  • A dedicated client relationship manager to act as a single point of contact, plus local contacts where desired.
  • Attendance at annual meetings with an opportunity to network with colleagues addressing similar issues.
  • Webcast "refresher courses" on Mercer Data Connector – our online survey participation application tool and Mercer WIN® – our online data analysis and survey results delivery tool.

Need to know employee compensation specific to your industry?

Mercer’s industry experts continually evaluate market challenges and trends, delivering fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to address your most pressing people challenges. Our combined experience, industry insights, comprehensive data and analytical capabilities help organisations customise their strategies to achieve their goals and deliver successful outcomes.

When you need to go deep into your industry, we can. Mercer specialise in employee compensation and benefits benchmarking, analytics, and insights with everything from market surveys through to custom analysis.

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Goods
  • Digital
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Financial Services
  • High-Tech
  • Life Sciences
  • Logistics
  • Shared Services
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Professional Services
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
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