Investment consulting

Swiss institutional investors, such as pension funds, collective foundations, family offices, private banks and insurers, face numerous challenges when looking to safeguard financial stability and improve outcomes for members. Our team provides you with expert investment consulting to support you in achieving your goals.

Your challenges

Your investment strategy is the foundation of your investment success. To reach your goals, both regarding securing financial stability and improving member outcomes, you need to navigate a maze of challenges: Market volatility, inflation and interest rate rises, regulatory changes, finding and accessing the right managers and strategies, implementing your strategy, assuring proper governance and monitoring outcomes, to name a few.

Most institutional investors don’t have the necessary levels of resource and expertise to answer all of these challenges successfully all the time. It is therefore imperative to get expert advice from a leading investment consultant in order to support for your investment program, access the latest thought leadership and integrate new ideas into your strategy.

How we can support you

Mercer is one of the leading investment consultants both globally and in Switzerland. We combine the experience of our local consultants with the global expertise of over 3,800 investment professionals worldwide to offer you best-in-class investment advice, tools and solutions. Some of the areas we cover:
  • Investment Belief Setting
    Defining and documenting how you want to achieve your investment goals, including what areas, asset classes and measures are in and out of scope, is one of the most important steps in setting the foundation for your investment operations. We can help you find the right balance between risk, return, innovation, ESG considerations and reacting to current and long-term trends in the markets.
  • Asset-liability modelling (ALM)
    An ALM study can help you find the right direction for your investment journey: Knowing where you stand both from a cost and a funding perspective can prove invaluable when determining the right strategy.
  • Investment Advisory
    The investment strategy ultimately dictates your investment decisions and expected outcomes. Rather than strictly following regulatory guidelines that are often based on outdated views on risk management, your strategy should be focused on what is needed to achieve your investment goals. We advise you along the whole process, from goal definition and portfolio construction to implementation and monitoring.
  • Investment Governance and Processes
    Good governance and robust processes are at the heart of a successful investment operation. Both your day to day activities and long-term measures and goals should be guided by a clear and binding framework that encompasses not just the implementation, but starts from strategy setting and goal definition and extends to the monitoring and reporting. 
  • Manager Search and Selection
    An investment consultant can not only help you find the right managers that can bring your investment strategy to life, but also access suitable strategies at the right cost. Going with a global leader will ensure that a large universe is considered when making decisions.
  • ESG Advisory
    Sustainability is top of mind for more and more investors, both globally and in Switzerland. Whether it is impact investing through engagements in private markets or the consideration of ESG factors in ongoing and new investments, we can help you find the right approach and define a strategy that keeps your ambitions and goals in mind.
  • Investment Controlling
    Monitoring the outcomes of your investment strategy and implementation and making necessary adjustments is just as important as any other step in the journey. A good consultant will combine the right level of standardised, best-in-class approaches with solutions customised to your needs.

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