Pension solutions to meet the needs of employers and employees 

Employers and trustees have an important role to play to ensure that retirement works for everyone. Those with defined benefit (DB) plans face ever-growing risks such as low interest rates, market volatility and longer life spans.

Whilst defined contribution (DC) plans address some of these concerns for employers, the risk is moved over to the employees, who are responsible for saving for their own retirement and exposed to the risk of low return.

We can help you assess your requirements and design and execute an efficient and flexible retirement programme – including customised plans, such as hybrid arrangements to suit your workforce.

  • Asset-Liability Management

    A funding and investment strategy must be defined in such a way that the obligations of a pension plan can be financed in the long term without having to take unsustainable risks in the short and medium term. ALM studies enable you to make informed decisions.
  • Expert services

    In the face of continuously changing circumstances, pensions funds and collective foundations need expert advice and support to safeguard the financial stability of their plans and to offer attractive benefits to their insured members.
  • International valuations

    When it comes to international valuations of pension liabilities according to IAS19 (IFRS) or ASC 715-30 (US GAAP) and other standards (e.g. IPSAS), trust a partner that focuses on quality and stays on top of all regulatory developments.
  • Specialised services

    As a pension fund or multinational company in Switzerland, you face many challenges that cannot be solved with standard approaches. With our specialized retirement services, we support you in finding the right solutions.

Mercer CFA Institute Global Pension Index 2022

This report benchmarks 44 retirement income systems around the world, highlighting challenges and opportunities.

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David Knox and CFA Institute's Margaret Franklin talk about the challenges and opportunities facing pension plans.
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