Private market investments 

The case for private investors

Over recent years, interest in private market assets has grown significantly. Investors are seeking to achieve improved outcomes while also enhancing portfolios with diversification benefits. In an environment where future return expectations for most asset classes are much lower than recent returns, many institutional investors are increasing their allocation to private markets in an effort to boost their overall return expectations while avoiding additional risk.

With this in mind, and in an effort to gain a clearer picture of the demand for private market investments among individual investors in Switzerland, Mercer and Titanbay undertook a survey in June 2022 questioning more than 100 wealthy individuals on their current portfolios, their investment objectives and expectations, as well as any preconceptions they might have about private market investing. The results indicate that, while individual investors have an appetite to invest in private markets, given the ongoing challenges within public markets, they believe there are a number of barriers preventing them from accessing these opportunities. Throughout this paper we dig into the survey results further while breaking down these barriers and analysing the opportunities for private investors within the private market space.

Perceived barriers to investments in Private Markets
Current exposure and appetite for Private Markets investments
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