Governance solutions for institutional investors

Better investment governance underpins everything we do and we know it’s important to your organisation too. Over the last two decades we have built robust operational capabilities and portfolio management systems to meet your needs. By helping you strategise and build a resilient operational decision-making framework, we’ll steer you to a more time-efficient, cost-effective and resilient approach to governance.

Strong investment governance is the basis of a successful portfolio

Market volatility is inevitable, but the right portfolio management framework can help you weather the storm. Governance is a critical aspect of portfolio management. When volatility strikes, having clear implementation and robust oversight systems in place enables you to act, rather than react.

Better investment governance helps you stay focused on your objectives while pursuing investment outcomes. We have more than 15 years of experience helping clients integrate governance into their investment decision-making processes. In our robust governance framework, tasks are assigned to experienced, dedicated teams that are positioned to pursue opportunities in a cost-efficient manner. This can help streamline decision-making and could lead to enhanced investment outcomes.

A strong governance framework should be the starting point from which all investors begin to forge their objectives, investment strategies and portfolio designs. Investments can easily and quickly run off course without a firm governance foundation. It then requires time and vital resources to put them back on track. Better governance is all about putting yourself in control.

Addressing key issues with robust governance

Market movements will always occur, but they are becoming more frequent and more extreme globally. This is putting rising pressure on portfolios and institutional investors. A streamlined governance framework can aid effective decision-making and help you maintain control.

Establishing a clear governance framework can help you mitigate a wide variety of investment risks, and changing regulations. If not properly managed, these risks can compromise investment outcomes.

A strong governance framework can provide you with the information and greater transparency you need to oversee, understand and manage the broad spectrum of costs incurred when running a sophisticated investment portfolio.

Three steps to defining your governance strategy

When it comes to defining your governance framework, we suggest that you consider adopting a three-stage process. By analysing your strategic priorities and ongoing activities at each stage, you can decide where your time will be best spent and how your investment commitments can be most effectively undertaken.

Once you have defined your key priorities, you can consider whether you need to build a larger internal team to take on all necessary tasks. It may make sense to consider appointing external support as an extension of your team to help you deliver on your obligations.

We can help review your current circumstances, establish the status of your governance frameworks and evaluate where you want them to be. This stage covers investment-strategy design and asset allocation implementation.

We can help ensure your portfolio is responsive to market shifts by honing in on issues such as asset allocation, manager research, manager selection and portfolio execution to seek optimum results for you and your clients.

Measuring, analysing and evaluating any relevant changes can prime your portfolio to help ensure it achieves your investment objectives. We can work with you to help ensure your reporting and regulatory requirements are always met.

Twelve considerations for better investment governance

We highlight 12 considerations that can help you build a strong base and improve their overall governance.

Work with an investment partner to help you build an effective governance framework

We work with institutional investors all around the world and across all industries, helping them deliver on their overall investment objectives and commitments. We can help you establish more diversified strategies and operational structures so that you’re primed to react when market volatility strikes. You’ll also be able to capture potential opportunities while others are managing the fallout.

We are able to put systems in place to give you confidence that you have the right people doing the right things at the right time. This should allow you to improve the oversight and management of your portfolio, and allow us to help you prepare for the next challenge. We can also help with some or all of your governance responsibilities.

Having clear decision-making pathways and responsibilities (established through an outsourced governance partner) means routine operational tasks are assigned to the people best placed to execute them.

An effective governance framework can also smooth out changes at an asset-class or manager level. This can help you manage costs more effectively across your portfolio. It can also enable your portfolio to harness new investment strategies as they are identified by our industry-leading research.

How we help clients address governance 

  • We assess portfolios for efficiency, diversification, innovation and potential areas for improvement.
  • We create systems to help you react quickly when required. 
  • We constantly analyse your holdings and risk exposures to reduce your oversight burden. 
  • We help give you confidence that your portfolio is primed to turn crises into opportunities.

Using an investment solution to gain a governance advantage

A governance advantage enables our clients to access timely information, respond more quickly, and make effective decisions. This helps them to manage risk and capture emerging opportunities. Good governance underpins everything we do as an investment partner.
Michael Dempsey

President, Investments and Retirement

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