Wellbeing in Switzerland 

A core topic for Swiss employers

Why is wellbeing so important right now?

In the current market situation, being aware of the newest trends in the field of wellbeing and its benefits can be a competitive advantage in order to attract and retain talent. Furthermore, new types of working models are emerging and urge employers to think about novel ways to support employees in the home office context while certain on-site benefits start to get redundant. Besides that, showing genuine care for people’s overall state of wellbeing can naturally lead to a healthier, happier and more productive workforce.

Wellbeing Wheel

Wellbeing circle

Our understanding of wellbeing

Employers can succeed in their wellbeing journey by providing support, resources, and opportunities to employees across all elements of wellbeing by developing a framework for existing programs and offering innovative, new solutions around mental, physical, financial and social wellbeing.

What is the current state of wellbeing in Switzerland? 

In order to get a better understanding on the actions in the Swiss employee wellbeing landscape, Mercer has conducted a Wellbeing in Switzerland 2021 Survey at the end of last year. The following key trends have been identified:

Wellbeing strategy

More than 60% of participating copmanies have a clear wellbeing strategy in place (slight increase compared to last year).

Concerns of employers

The biggest concern of Swiss employers is the work life balance of its employees, followed by their mental health. In third place is the virtual work environment, just ahead of burnout.

Digital health solutions

While some on-site benefits start to get redundant, 33% of participating companies provide digital physical health solution while 44% provide digital mental health solutions.

Wellbeing Market Insights Report

For more details, our comprehensive Market Insights Report provides you with relevant market data on the following questions:
  • What strategic approach do Swiss employers choose for employee wellbeing?
  • What mental, physical, social and financial wellbeing benefits are part of their wellbeing offering?
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