In a large portion of the companies, the rewards topic is a hidden champion. It’s a star with amazing potential – but unfortunately, no one is able to speak objectively about the different aspects. Employees often don’t even know that something like a reward strategy exists. Yet rewards can become the real game changer especially when it comes to employee experience. Time to put that potential to the stage and our webcast will show you how you can make your rewards rock!


Our set list for the Webcast:

- Why putting your reward scheme on stage is you key driver

- The influence of rewards on talent attraction and retention

- How communicating your rewards will help fostering your employee experience from hire to retire

- Making your employees part of the whole event -employee share program


Our line up:

- Eva Lawless / Michael Eger: Benefits/ Talent Attraction = Inviting your dream audience to the concert!

- Cynthia Wenzel: Rewards Communications = Communicate Your Rewards! Because you wouldn’t play a concert without promoting it, would you?

Webcast contact:

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Mercer Marketing Team