Employee benefits broker services

Our market-leading employee benefits brokerage services can help you secure the right benefits solutions at the right price. With access to smarter health benefits, we help reduce your risk profile and claims to generate further savings.

Market-leading employee benefits broker

The cost and complexity of managing employee benefits programmes is steadily increasing. But organisations that don’t take active steps to build a sustainable approach to benefits design are expected to experience a 70% increase in cost over four years.
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Our employee benefits brokerage will help you create a sustainable approach by enabling you to reduce your risk profile. By redesigning your benefits solutions to consider all four states of employee well-being.

Most employers spend a large proportion of their budget on rising claims for chronic diseases, lifestyle-related illness and mental health issues. Benefits designed to drive behaviour change, such as health benefits that motivate and engage employees to make healthy choices; or mental health benefits that boost resilience and reduce stress and anxiety helps tackle this.

As well as reducing your risk profile and negotiating competitive deals with insurers, our preventative employee benefits broking helps employees feel more supported.

Local and global employee benefits broker

As a global organisation, we employ thousands of benefits experts and employee benefits brokers worldwide. Wherever you are, we understand your market and are compliant with local regulations.

We have benefits specialists who can facilitate benefits in more than 150 countries, enabling us to harmonise benefits across entities, and consolidate benefits programmes to achieve economies of scale. We cover a range of insurable benefits including medical, life, accident, disability, stoploss and special risk and also advise on opportunities for self insurance and alternative financing methods.

We also have strong insurer relationships and can negotiate and secure innovative benefits, from packaged to bespoke solutions, taking advantage of our market knowledge and global expertise.

Our MMB Health Trends global insurer survey identifies key trends driving the future of employer-sponsored healthcare to help you manage the cost and risk of employer-provided healthcare in a changing world.

Proactive client focus

We take the time to gain a deep understanding of their business.

Global talent and expertise

We employ more than 7200 benefits experts worldwide.

Strong insurer relationships

We have strong insurer relationships across the world, to deliver globally and locally.

Global breadth and depth

We offer benefits specialists who can facilitate benefits in more than 150 countries.

Employee benefits broker analytics

An integral part of our market-leading approach to employee benefits broking is the use of data, technology and analytics. We use this to help you:

  • Get a better understanding of your employee profile
  • Identify savings opportunities based on current cost and cost drivers
  • Anticipate and measure risk and ROI on benefit programmes

While our wider employee benefits consulting services can help you identify targeted interventions that impact employee health and productivity.

We also provide data, analytics and insights solutions to help you make data-driven decisions to optimise spend and engagement. This can then be utilised to refresh plan provisions and during contract renewals to challenge underwriting and actuarial assumptions, to provide truth in numbers.

We can also share analytics on what your industry peers are doing, to ensure what you’re offering is fair and competitive. Four questions to consider annually are:

  • Getting the best value deal

    Whether you are getting the best deal and fair value?
  • Comparable benefits

    Whether your benefits are comparable to industry practice and against peers?
  • Attractive risk

    Whether you are considered an ‘attractive risk’?
  • Valued benefits

    Which benefits are valued and by which segment of your employees?

Employee benefits brokerage features

  • Harmonise

    Align your benefits programme seamlessly across business units, employee groups and integrate newly acquired businesses. Where possible, align across borders.
  • Contain costs

    Negotiate competitive deals with insurers and reduce your risk profile to contain costs and generate ROI.
  • Attract and retain people

    Provide benefits based on what employees want and need, delivered in an engaging, simple, and intuitive way to help you attract and retain talent for the future.
  • Boost health

    Introduce more preventative health benefits to keep people healthier, boost engagement and reduce claims. Enable return to work following disability.
  • Data insights

    Get a better understanding of your employee profile and anticipate savings opportunities based on current cost and cost drivers.
  • Reduce future risk

    Put in place targeted solutions to mitigate specific risks, to progress health and well-being and wider business objectives.

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