Build future capacity with an internal talent marketplace 

Engage and retain talent by connecting employees to opportunities inside and outside the company.

Imagine a world where organisations could understand employees’ current skills and capabilities — and what they are capable of doing in the future — and use targeted development to match those skills to business needs at scale and speed. A world that could connect employees to opportunities inside and outside the organisation and help deploy, engage, develop and retain employees. This is an internal talent marketplace.

Mercer has teamed up with Eightfold AI to unlock the workforce’s full potential through world-class talent strategy design powered by cutting-edge talent AI. Helping our clients advance the new shape of work requires agility, digitalisation and a future focus.

Make it easy

Only half of employees (54%) in Mercer’s recent 2022 Global Talent Trends say it’s easy to sign up for internal gigs. There is much work to do to weave the internal talent marketplace into the fabric of an organisation.

Increasing exposure to opportunities and promoting the value of nontraditional career tracks can significantly accelerate skill development (or the deployment of underutilised skills in new contexts). Furthermore, organisations find that making progress in a talent marketplace is a critical driver for increasing diversity of thinking and innovation.

Five tips for success

  1. Audit the company’s readiness.
  2. Build a culture that focuses on skill development.
  3. Establish a robust internal skills data set.
  4. Understand that the business drives the skills.
  5. Don’t let perfection get in the way of progress.

Delivering real benefits

With the support of our consultants and an AI-based talent platform, an internal talent marketplace delivers a broad range of tangible benefits, including:
  • Improving the agility of the workforce
  • Enhancing employee performance and productivity with targeted development
  • Heightening engagement by improving the employee experience
  • Advancing empowerment while broadening career opportunities
An internal talent marketplace can build organisational agility and create a fluid platform to respond to market demand, especially in uncertain times.
How confident are you in your current talent supply approach, and how successful have your hiring decisions been? Could your efforts be more successful if you increased reliance on internal talent mobility?

Internal talent marketplace: Unlock skills and build future capacity

Learn how innovative companies are building skills taxonomies to begin to understand new and evolving career paths. Move away from a traditional mindset in which progress is based on hierarchy or roles to one based on skills.
Only 28% of companies are gathering information on individuals’ current skills.
Mercer’s 2022 Global Talent Trends Study

Fuel your strategy with our insights

Explore five questions to consider when creating an internal talent marketplace, and discover five tips for success.
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