Reimagining the employee experience and engagement

Transform the employee experience so your business and your people thrive in the new world of work. Feed your employee engagement strategy with robust workforce insights; expertise in HR, rewards and transformation; and an integrated design and change approach.

Addressing the growing scope of the employee experience 

The scope of the employee experience (EX) has grown in recent years. It’s no longer just about workplace engagement but about thriving in all aspects of people’s work and life. Business leaders and HR teams want to create an environment where employees can thrive and stay productive and engaged while delivering business results. It’s no wonder that HR’s number-one priority is enhancing the EX and the employee value proposition (EVP).1

The evolution of employee listening

People are a business’s competitive advantage, and the employee experience is how they compete. If the EX falls flat compared to the employer promise, employees will be vocal about it, with issues such as flexible working and well-being at the forefront of their minds since the pandemic. A winning EX ensures the value proposition resonates with employees’ values and needs and is lived day-to-day. Creating this environment requires staying intimately connected with what matters to people. That’s why listening to employees in a more targeted, smarter way is the bedrock of a winning EX. It differentiates an employer. It also enables leaders to analyze what their people say versus what they do, allowing them to make tradeoffs in the benefits and opportunities of their investment to design experiences more intentionally — to optimize both impact and cost. 

Thriving employees are more likely to trust their organization to design work experiences that bring out the best in them.1


of employees say the most important well-being offering is designing work with well-being in mind.1

1. Source: Mercer’s 2024 Global Talent Trends.

Employee experience challenges employers face:

  • Keeping pace with evolving employee expectations
  • Scaling a sustainable EX design to support well-being and address burnout 
  • Doing more with less amid shrinking budgets
  • Redesigning work and work models for agility
  • Pursuing Good Work goals (spanning fair wages, flexibility, well-being, DEI and employability)
  • Making flexible work work for all

A new approach to designing the EX

Improve your approach to talent attraction and retention with employee listening approaches that pinpoint any misalignment between your employee promise (employee value proposition) and your offerings across talent, rewards, diversity, equity and inclusion, and well-being.

Understand the realities — not just one reality — of the EX through the eyes of all (or the most meaningful) persona groups. Achieve this by identifying where needs differ using cluster analysis, journey mapping for each population, and data-driven, multi-method insights that take your business closer to an enriching, embracing and empathetic EX for all.  

Integrate design thinking principles with a practical change and communications roadmap. We can help you identify the critical populations for sustainable success and prioritize tackling gaps in your existing EX for these groups. As a globally leading HR consultancy, we know how to resolve these gaps at speed with solutions that stick. Tap into our extensive network of experts spanning all areas of the employee journey (from talent and rewards to well-being and HR transformation) to understand what really moves the needle on engagement. 

Support your employee experience roadmap with a range of data insights and research (internal and external) that gets to the heart of what employees want. Learn how to prepare for Workforce 2.0 or get inside the minds of employees to better steer your strategy, whether it’s embedding flexible working or driving positive well-being outcomes. 

Why use Mercer’s employee experience solutions?

At Mercer, we bring the full suite of our portfolio and our knowledge of the drivers of human behavior to the table to address what matters to your people and truly change engagement.

Deep insights and a flexible, tech-agnostic service model

 Our approach is anchored in the knowledge needed to drive business priorities and built on a variety of workforce data insights and research methods. We can partner with you to determine and deploy the best tech for the job to ensure your EX is optimized for your unique circumstances.

Human-centered design

Our human-centered philosophy means we understand what makes people tick. This philosophy is underpinned by our integrated design thinking and change management approach, which supports the sustainable adoption of the new EX design and associated solutions. 

Strategic transformation and enablement at scale

We support organizations far beyond the initial design and implementation of their employee experience strategy. Our global network of HR experts can find the answer to the thorniest of questions and ensure change is sustained and scalable. 

Mercer’s employee experience solutions 

  • Employee experience design

    Bring out the best in your people with integrated design thinking, change and communications, workforce insights, and HR expertise to design for those critical moments. 
  • Employee listening

    A smarter listening approach that enhances the employee experience, unlocks performance, leverages insights, and empowers change in your organization.
  • Employee communication

    Enable meaningful connections with employees about their careers, benefits and well-being — wherever they are, on any device.
  • Employee value proposition

    Supporting you through data-driven design that differentiates your employee value proposition to attract and retain talent.
  • Flexible working

    Flexible working strategies that add value to the employee experience and drive performance.
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion solution

    Disentangling inequity, championing fair and transparent pay, and narrowing opportunity gaps.
  • Talent strategy

    A tailored solution that helps you make best-in-class decisions to attract, retain and grow talent sustainably. 
  • Total Well-being

    Tune into how total well-being can improve productivity by acting as an integral part of the employee experience. 

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