Global Parental Leave Report
Infographic: Paternity Leave Focus

Paternity leave is not a statutory requirement in many countries, but it is common for companies to provide two to five days of paid paternal leave at the time of birth. Mercer has conducted extensive research into maternity, paternity, adoption and other family leave. The main findings are summed up in this infographic, with complete results available in Mercer’s 2016 Global Parental Leave report.

Changing Attitudes Towards Paternity Leave

Attitudes toward fathers taking paternity leave are shifting.

  • of companies encourage their employees to take paternity leave.


  • of companies indicated that most of their eligible employees use their statutory paternity leave.


  • of companies indicated that most employees also use the editorial company-provided days.


The Top Ten Countries Providing Paternity Leave

The top ten countries with the highest percentage of companies providing paternity leave above the statutory requirement are shown below. Several of these countries do not require companies to provide paid paternity leave, but many firms do so anyway.

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