The Transforming for the future podcast series features Mercer’s consultants who are helping organizations stay ahead of the curve by embracing transformation, exploring new ways of working and reinventing their employee experience. We’ll discuss the most pressing issues facing leaders today and how to shape the future of work so that your business and people thrive.

This podcast episode explores the importance of employee health and well-being in the energy industry. Health and safety have long been critical priorities in the industry, both across the sector and at Mercer. Research indicates that employee wellness ranks among the top three priorities for energy HR leaders.

Our guest, Greg Rodway, Senior Vice President, Workforce Strategies Practice, Marsh Risk Consulting, shares his insights on how energy companies approach employee health and well-being. He highlights the growing recognition among these firms that focusing on employee well-being is crucial for success in the evolving energy landscape. Greg discusses various strategies and initiatives that energy companies are implementing to prioritize their employees' mental, social, and physical well-being.

Please tune in to gain valuable insights into how energy firms address employee health and well-being and its impact on their overall performance and success.

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Interesting moments from the interview:

  • Reimagining well-being

    Energy sector leaders must be cognizant of this new world of work and develop unique solutions that balance industry needs and employee priorities. It also broadens the safety domain from the physical safety only of the past to physical safety, physical wellness, mental health, and psychological safety.
  • Improving Worker Health

    The end goal of the total worker health program is to improve all aspects of worker health so that workers are prepared for and can sustain the demands placed on them by their day-to-day workplace.
  • Addressing the talent shortage

    There is a significant loss of expertise. The baby boomer generation is retiring and organizations are really struggling to identify and retain new talent. And all this is happening while the domain of safety is expanding as well.
  • Building sustainable organizations

    Total worker health can be leveraged to build more sustainable organizations that retain talent longer while addressing physical, mental, and psychological safety.

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