Despite scientific and clinical advancements in healthcare, the reality remains that far too many people are struggling – everywhere someone is waiting or without essential care.

The lessons of the COVID pandemic highlight the need for supporting employees and supply chains beyond moments of crisis. Healthcare is an economic imperative for any organization or society – and it is being transformed by technology. How can technology enhance access, affordability and promote worker health and safety? What are new models of sustainable financing that create strong health systems and resilient workforces? 

On January 17, Herve Balzano, Mercer and Marsh’s Health and Benefits President, and a panel of global business leaders, gathered at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, to address the profound, complex and costly issue of the millions of people disconnected from and unable to afford access to health protection, a basic human right. 

They explored how to make the transition and transformation to a world where health is relevant and welcoming for all, with inclusivity and affordability at the center.

Leaders explored collaborative solutions for a better future:

  • Building trust into the health system including payment models
  • Exploring technologies including wearables to enhance worker health and safety
  • Expanding employer-based models deeper into supply chains as a model for Universal Coverage
Business leaders attending Mercer Marsh Benefits breakfast on ‘Breaking barriers to health access bit by byte’ at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. From left to right; Pat Tomlinson , President, Mercer , CEO, Marsh McLennan US and Canada , President, Mercer US & Canada; Jorn Lambert, Chief Digital Officer, Mastercard; host and panel moderator Hervé Balzano, President, Health & Benefits, Mercer and Marsh; Ruchika Singhal, President, Medtronic LABS; Alan May, Executive Vice President & Chief People Officer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise; and Paolo Marini, Global Head of Broker Relations, Zurich Integrated Benefits

Live from the 2024 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 

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Health needs to be relevant and welcoming for all. How we design, provide and deliver healthcare needs to have inclusivity and affordability at the center.
Hervé Balzano, President of Health & Benefits at Mercer and Marsh

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