MMB Health Trends 2024 

Getting the right balance between managing costs and meeting employee needs

Medical trend rates are beginning to exceed pre-pandemic levels. While the rate of increase is forecasted to drop slightly in 2024, the rate will still be higher than rates we saw pre-pandemic. The pressure to manage employee health program costs grows ever stronger.

Explore the top trends shaping employer provided healthcare - how to navigate double-digit cost increases; the increasing impact of non-communicable diseases; transforming healthcare systems; and innovations in how care is delivered. Learn how to effectively balance cost containment, but not at the expense of inclusivity and quality.

The top trends shaping employer-sponsored healthcare

To provide an invaluable guide for employers to help meet current and future workforce needs when designing their health and benefits plans, we surveyed 223 insurers across 58 countries. We identified four key themes driving costs and risks in employee health benefits and share how employers can effectively balance meeting employee needs while managing workforce risk.

Four key trends

Top trends driving the future of employer provided healthcare

    Are you achieving the right balance between business costs and employee needs?

    Understanding these trends and their impact are crucial for employers, allowing them to design healthcare plans that meet the needs of your business and your employees. 

    MMB Health Trends 2024

    Get an in-depth look at the health trends and strategies that will help your business and your employees to succeed by downloading the full report.

    Health Trends 2024 infographic

    A bite-sized overview of the key findings from this year’s research.

    Use this report to:

    • Get a clear view of the top trends for employer sponsored healthcare as you plan for 2024.
    • Learn the four key areas requiring HR professionals attention to better prepare for the year ahead.
    • Take action to effectively address issues around cost mitigation and how to create greater value for your business and your employees. 
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