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Flight Risk in M&A: The Art and Science of Retaining Talent | Webcast

Flight Risk in M&A: The Art and Science of Retaining Talent

Recorded: 26 October 2017

  • Overview
    • Keeping the best people on board and engaged ranks a top priority in any merger, acquisition or divestiture transaction.

      Based on our experience in managing more than 1,200 transactions annually, we have found that buyers and sellers who have a disciplined process for identifying, engaging and motivating key talent consistently drive exceptional operating results.

      The webcast will share additional information and insights drawn from the research:

      • The mindset and guiding principles required to retain and engage key talent.
      • Specific actions that your organisation can take to hedge flight risk, engage and drive an affordable retention plan.
  • Why attend
    • When at risk employees are critical to integration or to the organization’s long-term success, their potential departure poses a serious threat to deal ROI – and to the very survival of the new entity.

      This webcast will feature high level results from Mercer’s global 2017 research on what high-performing companies are doing to develop comprehensive retention plans that will best ensure employee commitment and high energy needed for success.

  • Who should attend
    • This event is right for you if you are an HR or M&A professional interested in effective retention strategies in M&A transactions that will drive your deal value.

  • Speakers
    • Adam Rosenberg, Europe M&A Leader, Manchester

      Dan McGuire, Director of M&A Research, Chicago

      Sophie Black, Senior Executive Compensation Consultant, London