Mercer | Webcasts Integrated Risk Management framework


Creating an effective Integrated Risk Management framework

Recorded: 13 April 2016

  • Overview
    • In response to increasing pension scheme deficits, costs and market volatility, the Pensions Regulator has issued guidance to sponsors and trustees to help them adopt an integrated risk management framework. 

      In this webinar, Mercer experts will discuss the merits of this approach and how to create an effective IRM framework. 


      • IRM – the Pensions Regulator’s guidance and why it’s important 
      • Steps to consider to create an effective framework for your scheme 
      • An example IRM process to follow 
      • A more strategic and risk-focused approach to trusteeship 
  • Why attend
    • Get the expert view on the Pensions Regulator’s IRM framework, why it is important and examples for how you might put an effective Integrated Risk Management framework in place for your scheme. 

  • Who should attend
    • DB Pension Trustees, Pension Managers, CFOs, Finance Directors, CEOs 

  • Speakers
    • Le Roy Van Zyl - Financial Strategy Group

      Rachel Croft - UK Governance & Trustee Services Leader

      Alan Baker - UK DB Risk Leader