Transforming HR

Mercer’s HR transformation consulting services and tools help you revamp your people function, accelerate digital implementation and support change management to deliver an exceptional employee experience.


  • How can we transform to focus more on strategic initiatives and less on operational tasks?
  • How can we become a more customer-centric human resource (HR) function? 
  • How can we shape the employee experience to drive talent attraction, productivity and engagement?
  • How can we become more cost efficient and add higher value to the business?
  • How can we become more digital and have automated process flows in place?

It’s time to redesign your HR strategy and HR operating model

1 in 5

executives is struggling to gain momentum with HR agility, and a further 39% are continuing to invest in HR agility but find sustaining it a challenge.


of organisations are planning to redesign their HR functions to have greater impact in 2022.


of executives believe that as they’ve automated HR processes, they’ve lost valuable contact between HR and the business.

Our HR transformation philosophy

This pyramid illustrates what the HR function does today, typically spending more time on the operational aspects of HR at the bottom and less time on strategic initiatives. The challenge is to reshape the model into a diamond by transforming from a transactional to a strategic focus through automation and radical simplification. 
HR Transformation philosophy
HR strategy sits at the top of the pyramid, supported by HR core with HR administration as the foundation. Two key aspects of HR administration are automation and simplification. HR strategy, HR core and HR administration are used together to create digitisation and process orientation, which leads to a lean, agile and focused organisation. Automate for efficiency and speed, become flexible, and simplify with customer orientation. 

The HR function is being transformed


of executives believe the HR headcount will shrink by 10%+ in the next five years due to automation.


of employees think that HR processes are too complex and need further simplification.

Mercer’s HR transformation solutions

  • HR vision and strategy roadmap (HR Accelerator)

    Create a map for your future HR vision and strategy that can transform your HR content, processes, organisation and technology.
  • HR target interaction model and HR operating model

    Create an HR target interaction model (TIM) to meet the strategic objectives of the organisation and unlock the employee experience.
  • HR process design, automation and radical simplification

    Creating exceptional moments that matter for all employees requires a careful look at employee programmes and processes, most of which were designed with in-person interactions in mind. 
  • HR technology strategy and advisory

    We can implement a variety of solutions with in-house resources from our Digital Teams. We partner with an array of providers to select the best solutions for our clients’ individual needs. Our recommendations are impartial and not biased toward any specific vendors.
  • Talent acquisition

    Mercer’s talent acquisition solutions help clients set up their employee value propositions, recruiting processes, organisation and technology to attract and retain employees who are critical to their future success.
  • Future HR skills

    Mercer Learning collaborates with leading content providers, offering the best scalable (digital) learning solutions customised to your HR upskilling requirements.

What’s different about Mercer’s approach?

Mercer uses a targeted interaction model (TIM) to help HR teams identify their particular workforce needs (interactions) from various parts of the organisation. We then set up cross-functional service teams to handle these interactions. The employee-centric model helps to:

  • Explore employee journeys and models
  • Co-design a new approach within the business
  • Implement new design, with technology tools available
  • Prototype, test and iterate

How can you harness collective energy in a tired world?

  • Design human-centric work experiences.
  • Build a relatable people function.
  • Optimise the combination of touch and technology with co-creation.
  • Build human capabilities that match the pace of digital transformation.
  • Use a TIM to redesign your people function.

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