The future of work is transforming at light speed

The COVID-19 pandemic has proved that unexpected events can upend the world rapidly. During these fast-evolving times, successful organisations will embrace transformation, explore innovative ways of working and reinvent their employee experiences to suit the new, blended work environment.

Challenges and barriers organisations may encounter on their transformation journey include:

  • Business strategy misaligned to workforce and organisation strategy
  • Business not equipped for the new shape of work
  • A culture that is overly based on command and control 
  • Digitalisation not realising its full potential
  • Low effectiveness and efficiency of the HR function

Transforming for the future

Mercer helps organisations align transformation efforts with their culture, purpose and values – delivering sustainable progress toward strategic goals including growth, innovation and sustainability. By working with us to develop new workforce capabilities and increase agility, companies can drive performance and improve business results.

A transformation journey presents an opportunity to align leadership, and to inspire and connect stakeholders. Effective change management ensures that everyone is equipped for the change and aligned to a shared future vision.

In a world of business model disruption, inorganic growth strategies are increasingly critical to success. With investor pressure coming from all sides, this dynamic environment for M&A deals is gaining heightened attention. Mercer’s M&A advisory services can solve even the toughest people challenges – helping organisations maximise value, mitigate risk and moderate costs to capture the total value of the deal.

Mercer’s transformation solutions

  • Workforce and organisation transformation

    We transform work, the workforce and the organisation by anticipating and shaping the future of work so your business and people thrive.
  • Change management

    Mercer’s change management methodology will help your stakeholders understand the nature and necessity of change by involving them from the beginning.
  • HR transformation

    We offer a suite of consulting services and tools to help transform your HR function sustainably, making it more effective and accelerating digital enablement. Thoughtful change management delivers an exceptional employee experience.
  • HR digital strategy

    We design and implement evidence-based, employee-centric digital experiences and solutions through Mercer’s strategic consulting, products and partners.
  • M&A advisory

    Our M&A advisory solutions help deliver deal value. We add value in all phases of the deal lifecycle for all types of deal structures including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, alliances and partnerships.

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