Leading firms listen, take action and adopt a future-first perspective — doing what’s right for tomorrow while enhancing the experience of workers today.

The pandemic has turned the workplace upside down. What was expected to happen 2-5 years down the road to the so-called ‘future of work’ has become today’s reality. How do we ensure our businesses, our societies and our people thrive in these unforeseen and uncertain times now and tomorrow.

Delivering on this aspiration requires human resources to step out of its traditional functional silos.

According to Mercer’s 2020 Global Talent Trends Study what matters and delivers employee respect in India is:

Responsibility towards all stakeholders equally
Physical, psychological and financial wellbeing
Concern for the environment and social equity
Sense of purpose
In this podcast, you will hear how ITC Limited has shown care and empathy for employees by going beyond the conventional role of HR. Tune in now!

Tune in to listen to a short 30-minute conversation on the role of HR in uncertain times with  Amitav Mukherji. Head - Corporate Human Resources along with Shanthi Naresh. India Business Leader. Career. Mercer India.

Explore how ITC Limited has shown care and empathy for employees by going beyond the conventional role of HR.

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