How ready are organizations to embrace the "new normal"?

Organizations have used the disruption created by the pandemic to go back to their drawing board and re-craft their business around the mantra of “winning with empathy” or balancing economics with empathy.

Effective organization design can provide organizations a competitive edge. But organization design can be a challenging exercise: Identifying the right elements to redesign, ensuring that it is holistic and addresses the structure, processes and systems to deliver on the strategy isn’t always easy. Needless to say, implementation requires a lot of care and consideration.

Take a well-rounded approach to organization design to maximize the potential of your workforce and ensure it translates into significant business impact.

Key highlights from the podcast!

  • Changing nature of work and its implication on future roles at JSW.
  • New skills important in the future.
  • How is JSW embracing the “new normal”?
  • What’s in it for employees? How to incentivize employees to adapt to the changing nature of work?
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