Employees today are expecting employers to offer beyond the standard compensation and benefits packages. From our recent study, 48% of employees now want resources to manage family responsibilities, wellness habits and life goals. With increasing physical, mental and social wellness employee issues, many organizations are looking to deploy a comprehensive wellness program for their employees.  Mercer’s Wellness GO! is your solution!

Of employees now want resources to manage family responsibilities, wellness habits and life goals


Of Hong Kong adults currently suffer from poor mental well-being, with 1 in every 7 people developing a common mental disorder in their lifetime


Of employees rate support with mental health, resilience and personal relationship concerns as very important 

2.5 times

Increase in low back and neck pain in 2020/21


Increase in visits to physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths in 2020/21

A complete wellness program at your fingertips for one simple annual subscription fee

4 key components of the program

  • 1x Custom Tailored Wellness Strategy Design
  • 12x Monthly Wellness Tips
  • 2x Custom tailored Employee Pulse Surveys
  • 2x  Consulting Meetings

Plus classes, workshops, and webinars catered to your organizational needs


  • 4x Online Fitness Classes
  • 2x Mindfulness Workshops
  • 6x Wellness Webinars

Wellness Workshops

Year round online fitness classes, mindfulness workshops, and wellness webinars for your employees, Some of the topics covered include :
  • 1 hour per webinar
  • Registered physiotherapist, dietician, psychologist, Specialist in Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics
  •  Up to 1,000 employees
  • Mental health 

    The Art of Mindfulness

    Mindfulness is an easy to learn yet very powerful training of attention, calming your mind and body to help cope with illness, pain, and stress.

    It will cover the following items: 

    1. Background and science behind meditation 
    2. What is mindfulness
    3. Mindfulness in action: mindful breathing, mindful stretching

    Conducted by Registered Clinical Psychologist

    Duration: 1 hour 

  • Physical Wellness

    How to avoid Sports injuries 

    1. Overview of the Three Recovery Phases of sports injuries

    • Acute Stage
    • Subacute Phase 
    • Chronic Phase

    2. Different Sports Injuries

    • Ankle Sprain
    • ACL Injury
    • Meniscus Injury
    • Shoulder SLAP Tear
    • Acute Muscle Strain

    3. How to prevent sport injuries

    Conducted by Registered Physiotherapist

    Duration: 1 hour 

  • Social Wellness

    Smart foods when you are stressed

    1. Food to make a smarter you, reduce stress and raise immunity (Functional foods to raise immunity and reduce stress)
    2. Quick & Simple homemade choices to shape up & build a smart body and mind (Convenient 3 meals a day  to prepare at home 🏠 )
    3. Smart tips to combat diet myths (Tips to make good choices and not to become fooled by diet myths/ traps)

    Conducted by Registered Dietitian

    Duration: 1 hour 

  • Mental/ Physical Health

    Parenting Talk - How to talk so your kids will listen

    The talk will cover the following items:

    • How to talk so your kids will listen (working parent series) 
    • Acknowledge feelings
    • Engaging Cooperation
    • Behavioral modification: praise vs punishment
    • Element of effective communications: reciprocity, nonverbal cues, feedback
    • Putting it all together

    Conducted by Specialist in Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics

    Duration: 1 hour 

  • Resilience building during challenging times

    1. What is stress, anxiety, depression?
    2. How to identify employees in need?
    3. How can we better prepare ourselves for the inevitable stress in our daily live
    4. Take home tips

    Conducted by Registered Psychologist

    Duration: 1 hour 

  • Stretching workshop for back & neck pain

    The talk will cover the following items:

    Anatomy of the spine

    1. Types of neck and back pain

    2. Causes of neck and back pain

    3. Ways to prevent neck and back pain

    • Posture
    • Office ergonomics
    • Work habit 
    • Therapeutic exercise

    4. Demonstration on stretching exercise

    Conducted by Registered Physiotherapist

    Duration: 1 hour 

  • Upper & Lower body Stretching Exercises

    • An overall review on whole body stretching to help increase your flexibility, improve your posture, reduce stress and body aches
    •  Upper body stretching exercise is known to improve posture. When exercise is regularly done for the trunk or core along with the shoulders and arms, you will have a more upright posture and improvement will be seen as the muscles are toned
    • Lower body stretching exercise can help prevent injuries, back pain and balance problems. Our physiotherapist will show you a set of complete stretching from head to toe, that can help to ease your pain, make you stand more upright and be more flexible!


    • An exercise mat (for participants working from home only)
    • A small towel and a bottle of water

    Conducted by Registered Physiotherapist

    Duration: 45 minutes 

  • Introduction to lifesaving workshop: CPR, AED And choking for baby, toddler and adult

    The talk will cover the following items:

    • How to analyze the signs and symptoms of a heart attack
    • Definition of CPR and determine when it is required
    • How to perform CPR
    • Use of AED machine
    • Choking and technique for treatment

    Conducted by Experienced A&E Nurse

    Duration: 1 hour

Regular Communications

Having great workshops is not enough. With Monthly Wellness Tips, you will regularly remind your employees of the importance of wellness, and how they can live a healthy lifestyle at work & at home. 

Employees’ Voices

2 Employee Pulse Surveys to engage your employees & understand the wellness needs and satisfaction of your employees. 


Consulting Meetings

Consulting team will provide you with market trends, case studies and solutions provided by us and our partners, to help you customize your wellness program for your Company’s priorities and your employees’ needs.

2 meetings with Mercer Wellness Expert and/or Head of Health & Wellness  (1 hour) 

  • Share with you

    • Wellness market trends
    • Case studies
    • Solutions from Mercer and our partners
  • Understand

    • Your company’s priorities
    • Your employees' needs
    • How Mercer can help you reach your company’s wellness goals

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