MMB Mental Wellness Packages

Employee's mental wellbeing continues to be key concern for employers during these challenging times and according to Mind Hong Kong, a mental health charity, 61% of Hong Kong adults suffer from poor mental well-being.

61% of Hong Kong adults currently being suffer from poor mental well-being

1 / 7

1 in every 7 people developing a common mental disorder in their lifetime


74% of mental health sufferers do not seek any form of professional help


The number of psychiatric patients has doubled from 2004 to 2014

Our Mental Wellness Solutions

To help you find the right solutions to support your employee’s mental wellness, Mercer will become your wellness partner to develop a roadmap to meet your organization needs and goals to develop a set of solution that best-fit your organization.  We can also deploy pulse surveys, focus groups and other techniques to leverage your employees’ voice in selecting the appropriate wellness packages.  Each solution will be matched with partners who will be most impactful to you according to your needs.
  • Get me started!
    • Employee Assistance program (“EAP”)
    • Mindfulness program
      (1 to 3 sessions p.a.)
    • Mental health initiatives
      (1 to 3 engagements p.a.)
      • Strong and consistent communication in support of mental health
      • Leadership actively involved and leading by example
  • Raise the roof!
    • Digital enabled solutions, i.e. webinars
      (1 to 3 webinars p.a.)
    • Survey, employee focus groups & action planning
      (1 engagement)
    • Mental wellness campaigns
      (2-week engagement)
      • E.g.: concept of stress, healthy eating, building resilience
      • Other initiatives (mental wellness workshops and trainings for managers)
  • The Game Changer!
    • Digital solutions providers
      (mindfulness apps, telehealth)
    • Mental First-aid program
      (2-day program)
    • Comprehensive benefits strategy review
      (1 engagement)
      • In depth analysis of existing mental-health related benefits offering
      • Recommendation of benefits strategy optimization

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