International Private Medical Insurance

Upgrade your medical benefits today to provide more comprehensive coverage to your employees.

Does your current medical insurance provide sufficient coverage?

Did you know the average cost of cancer treatment in Hong Kong is over HKD600,000? Based on local benefits data, employees can typically be left with out-of-pocket expenses of over 75%

With employees now seeing more value in their benefits compared to compensation, it is important for organizations to offer competitive medical insurance that will provide a level of coverage that tackles rising health costs and gives employees the peace-of-mind that any future medical costs will not be a financial burden to themselves or their families.

International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) was traditionally offered to mobile expatriates to ensure they were protected globally for any medical treatments. However, in recent years, IPMI has grown in popularity across a wider audience.

It is now common to see IPMI benefits provided to a variety of employees such as expatriates, executives, directors and senior management. IPMI plans can also cover members based across a region or even worldwide.

Five key benefits of IPMI:

  1. Fully covered inpatient and outpatient expenses, at top-tier medical facilities anywhere in the world
  2. Flexible benefit options to meet your budget and employee needs
  3. No individual underwriting, with pre-existing conditions covered
  4. Worldwide insurer networks for cashless treatments
  5. Worldwide medical evacuation and repatriation
Mercer Marsh Benefits partner with key insurers to provide market-exclusive and high-end solutions. Reach out today to discuss cost-effective options to enhance your medical insurance.