The “Delivering the Deal” spotlight series is where Mercer’s leading experts discuss the most pressing issues facing business leaders and deal professionals in M&A today.

What should companies be doing now to prepare for deals in 2024? During this episode, our guest, Julian Bell, UK Leader, M&A Advisory Services at Mercer, shares his perspectives on the M&A market in the European Union and the United Kingdom, as well as predictions for 2024.
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  • Build allies

    "Firms need to prioritise solving the challenge of female retention in private equity.We need everyone to understand the challenges and the role they play.."
  • Reexamine company culture

    "A culture around the rest of the fund where people feel disincentivized to actually use what they are entitled to and what may have attracted them [to the fund] in the first place."
  • Become a role model

    "Parental leave is still a topic that is top of mind. Many of these clients look to their senior colleagues or colleagues more broadly and notice they're not taking their leave, creating a culture that says to them as an individual. You won't get ahead or miss out on an amazing project if you take leave."
  • Step out, not back

    "I've heard from many clients that they take a step out, and then they're forgotten, and their career takes a bit of a pause because they're not there to advocate and raise their hand for their promotion."

Delivering the Deal

The unrealised potential of people in deal value creation

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