The New Shape of Work interview series addresses the challenges and uncertainty in the current business environment with a focus on how to transition to a more agile workforce for the future.

Organisations are looking for ways to win the war for talent. One strategy organisations have taken is putting a stronger focus on skills than on roles. In this episode, Nandini Nathan, Group Head of Compensation and Benefits at Infosys, talks about how putting skills at the heart of the talent and reward processes has been critical for their success.
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  • Connecting to business need

    "The way talent was viewed by the business to the way talent was being viewed by HR was completely disconnected. And that's where I realised that the world has changed. You know HR processes are archaic now because they're really not speaking to the business, which is perhaps why people are not adopting or engaging in performance management the way they should be."
  • Elevating skills as a critical input

    "We added to each role what we call as a skill tag or a digital tag. So I could be a software engineer but I can go and acquire as many skill tags as I can in different technology spaces. So I can be a cybersecurity expert. I can be an AI expert. I can be an AI healthcare expert, etcetera. So these skill tags or digital tags are my add-ons."
  • Building skills into job opportunities

    "The more skill you have the more visibility you have when it comes to project staffing when we are looking at deployment. When you go into the marketplace and start looking for job opportunities, it's not only an area level that shows up, but it also is your skill tag that shows up. And the skill tags is what will match you to the skills that the projects are looking for because projects look for skills."
  • Supporting skills growth through rewards

    "You should go all out as an organisation to create the infrastructure for people to learn. But, having done that, it is also your responsibility to ensure you have that total rewards philosophy to take care of the investment you make, or the talent you are investing in. So pay is one, of course, but I think the most important thing, especially for skilled talent is opportunities."

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