The human-centric enterprise 

As the future of work rapidly evolves, we must urgently reassess our understanding of where, how and why we work.

    A must-read for all forward-thinking leaders and individuals passionate about shaping the future of work

    In this thought-provoking and timely book developed by Mercer and Thinkers50, we journey through the seismic and inevitable shift toward a more human-centric enterprise. We see how this fundamental restructuring is revolutionising not just how we perform work but also how we classify, organise, manage and are rewarded for it.

    Using our own data and insights, an array of Mercer subject matter experts investigate important dimensions of this high-speed shift. From rethinking leadership roles, resetting work around human-centric values and innovating work experiences to leveraging culture as a transformation lever, approaching technology through the lens of empathy, redesigning pay and rewards, and even the evolution of the HR function in these changing times.

    Guided by a human-centric approach to organisational and work design, this book redefines our perspective on modern workplaces and offers advice for leaders on how to prepare for this vital and inevitable transition toward a more human-centric enterprise. 

      Dive into this timely e-book for crucial insights from leading industry experts on transitioning toward a more human-centric enterprise. This is a necessary read for any visionary leader committed to fostering innovation, empathy and transformation in their organisation. 
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