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Diversity, inclusion and the people agenda

The people agenda has become a prominent piece of every strategy discussion. No doubt policies and benefits have been updated constantly over the last couple of years to keep in-line with the changing circumstances.


ESG still remains high on leadership agenda – after all, a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) commitment is only as strong they are tracked and measured. With a lingering economic challenge ahead and coupled with the war for talent, there is increasing emphasis on the employee experience and culture. It may be the difference between a good and great organization to work and stay for.


Watch video: Learn how an employee listening strategy can help your organization on it's diversity, equity, and inclusion journey.

Assessing the workforce landscape change with insights and data

According to Mercer’s 2022 Global Talent Trends Study, 33% of organizations already have a role designed to focus on DEI, with another 44% indicating that they plan to add this role in the future.  Interestingly, 85% of companies are planning to co-creating new employee experiences with their people.


A goal without a plan is just a wish. To get your organization ready for the year ahead, assess your existing people strategy and create a culture of development and continuous improvement.

DEI employee pulse

DEI employee pulse


An impactful year-end pulse to assess and update your policies and strategy to understand the DEI landscape from the perspective of your people.

360° assessment  for managers

360° assessment for managers


A ready-to-use feedback tool designed to provide intuitive action-oriented feedback to line managers and mid-level managers all the way to executives on DEI.

DEI employee pulse

Inclusive leadership assessment


An assessment to understand the alignment of leadership and their key priorities with Inclusive Value proposition & inclusive benefits.

[Offered in Europe only]

An all-in-one talent assessment solution

Mercer Talent Assessments is a cloud-based talent assessment platform for hiring and skill development. This robust performance platform is tailored to your organization and includes holistic evaluations based on psychometric assessments (personality, behavior, cognitive and aptitude) and technical assessments (IT and non-IT skills and digital readiness) as well as stringent information security. Mercer Talent Assessments is also a reliable platform that supports the multi-rater or 360° feedback process.


This platform caters to a wide range of experience levels and hiring methods:

  • Build a tailored assessment portfolio.
  • Choose from a variety of question formats and coding simulators.
  • Leverage one million+ questions for scalable solutions.
  • Use custom report templates to get the data you need.
  • Discover a wide range of tailored solutions for skill-gap analysis, high-potential identification, succession planning, leadership development and training effectiveness.

Mercer Talent Assessments is a high-capacity platform, supported in 27+ languages, and is ISO27001 and ISO9001 certified.

skills tested


skills tested







global clients


global clients

Our approach to talent assessment

Mercer proposes a strategic and integrated assessment approach. This means considering the different phases of the talent management strategy and integrating them in a continuous iteration process that places people at the center in relation to business needs and corporate strategies. This process feeds the pipeline for current and future critical skills and roles and directs resources toward targeted growth, allowing you to steer your company toward success.


We leverage data and analytics to measure individual and organization success. Our strategic and integrated approach consists of four main steps:

How we tackle the skills transformation challenge

Embark >


Phase: Envision and articulate the future vision of skills.



Focus: What’s the real business challenges we’re trying to solve with this shift – from and employer and an employee perspective?

Discover >


Phase: Understand the current state through research insights and benchmarks.


Focus: Where is the work going right and wrong from a productivity and an employee experience perspective?

Shape >


Phase: Create bold solutions with measurable outcomes toward the future state skill vision.


Focus: What changes to work will simultaneously improve productivity and the employee experience of work?

Drive >


Phase: Deliver sustainable results and bake the skill transformation into the fabric of the organization.


Focus: How do we create a way of working that’s productive, compelling and sustainable?

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