A reimagined digital employee experience


Mercer Belong® is a simple to use online destination that connects your employees to their benefits and rewards from anywhere, at any time, on any device.


This customizable portal will serve as the foundation of your employee communications and support your overall employer brand and talent management strategy.


Mercer Belong® creates an integrated digital experience for your employees, connecting them to all the information and resources they need in one place. This transformational solution empowers employees, builds engagement, simplifies processes, and accelerates your organization's business goals.

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For employees


  • Simple to use on any device
  • Relevant to their unique needs
  • Always up-to-date

For HR


  • Easy to implement and maintain
  • Supports employee engagement and retention
  • Provides analytics to inform future HR initiatives

For your organization


  • Expresses the unique voice of your business
  • Connects employees to rewards and messaging
  • Enhances brand and talent strategy

See how Belong connects your employees to their benefits and rewards from anywhere, at any time, on any device.


Everything your employees need to feel connected, informed, and ready to act


Belong offers employees a holistic view of HR programs and employee benefits:


  • Dynamic functionality engages users through interactive features, embedded videos, tasks, and content that is easy to locate and navigate
  • Data-fed dashboards display personal rewards and employee recognition information to regularly engage employees
  • Site analytics provide data and key metrics, giving your HR teams critical data that can be used to shape future strategies and experiences
  • Text messaging drives employees to the site for important updates and action items
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Scalable to meet your needs


Belong scales to meet your company’s needs ─ from a “deep dive” into a single topic to a full HR portal.


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Belong is easy to implement, use, and maintain


With our guided implementation and ready-to-use content, quickly create an engaging experience for your employees that is:


  • Flexible and customizable to meet current and future needs
  • Easy to implement – populate and launch in three to six months or less
  • Maintained through technical upgrades and content updates
  • Informed by website usage analytics for ongoing workforce insights

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