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Transforming global benefits to improve employer governance and employee outcomes


Fast-changing technology, dynamic workforce models and regulatory complexity are some of the reasons why multinational organizations are seeking a more strategic, centralized and agile global benefits management approach.

In partnership with over 250 multinational clients, Mercer Marsh Benefits’  Global Benefits Management solution helps organizations to manage their insured employee benefits at a regional or global level. Global Benefits Management brings together our expertise and experience in broking, consulting and data-driven insights with our award-winning inventory, analytics and global benefits administration software, Darwin™. Specifically:

  • Increased visibility on benefit policies around the world to ensure local compliance in an ever-changing legislative landscape
  • Access to a range of data analytics to allow for strategic data-driven decision-making on benefits and  M&A deals
  • Designing and implementing solutions for clients to align global benefits with their strategy such as multinational pooling, global underwriting and captives
  • Automated administration to reduce risk and ensure privacy and data-protection standards are met
  • Leading-edge technology through Darwin™, our global benefits administration platform, which has proven to improve employee experience and health and wellness outcomes
  • Creating and delivering an insured benefit financing strategy to maximise the ROI on your global spend
  • Utilising our number one broking market position, creating a broking, placement and servicing strategy across all classes of insurance
  • Access to Mercer Marsh Benefits’ expertise and local broker network of over 7,000 benefit professionals in 150 countries


Global Benefits Services and Products

Global Benefits Management

Our Global Benefits Management (GBM) offering provides a streamlined approach to managing insured employee benefits around the world, aiming to achieve the optimal balance between the local and global requirements of our clients by ensuring effective execution of the benefits.
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Global Actuarial (Coordination And Consulting)

Global actuarial services are a core service offering at Mercer. We have unparalleled experience, with over 275 global actuarial clients.
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Global DC Plan Management

Mercer’s global defined contribution (DC) management approach recognizes the increasing need that most corporates have to manage their DC arrangements. Mercer has developed a simple framework to help employers ensure that their plans around the world are optimized.
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Mercer Globe™

Ongoing economic volatility and a rapidly changing regulatory landscape have increased pressures on the world’s retirement systems. For plan sponsors and fiduciaries, Mercer Globe provides a centralized structure and source of information for managing their company’s retirement programs.
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MercerGOLD+ is an online solution used by more than 230 multinational organizations to manage their global employee benefits, compensation & HR programs.
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Global Health Management

Mercer’s Global Health Management (GHM) solutions support multinational clients to improve the health and productivity of their workforce.
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