Application management services

When maximizing your Workday investment, implementation is just the starting point

Mercer’s Application Management Services (AMS) provides a wide variety of services following your Workday implementation. With global options tailored to your business needs and budget, Mercer ensures your Workday investment aligns to your changing business requirements.

To maximize the return on your investment in Workday’s enterprise resource planning software, it’s important to adapt the solution to your changing business challenges and opportunities.

Mercer’s Application Management Services solution provides a seamless transition from implementation to adoption, ensuring you can maximize the return on your digital transformation and Workday investment. As your business needs change, we’ll refine your Workday platform to ensure its ongoing viability and optimization.

With a global team of certified Workday consultants, Mercer is uniquely positioned to meet your distinct needs, service levels, and budget.   

To help you navigate your post-deployment world, our dedicated consultants offer comprehensive application management support for all functional areas across each Workday tenant.

Workday ERP implementation support: how we can help

After your Workday go-live, connect with the Mercer team’s expertise to maximize your success. We can help you:
  • Determine your post-implementation adoption strategy
    As you transition into a Hypercare environment following implementation, your Mercer team will ensure you have the right training and focus to maximize your ROI.
  • Install bi-annual Workday releases
    Don’t just update — optimize! After your Workday updates, Mercer’s AMS consultants will consult with your team to suggest the best features for you to implement. We can help you save considerable time and effort. And, as your business needs change, we’ll modify your configurations to align with those needs.
  • Maximize system expansion
    We’ll help you use rolling adoption to fully configure Workday. While many organizations focus only on a partial configuration initially to limit the impact of digital transformation changes, we’ll help you plan and implement all of your enhancements to unlock Workday’s full potential.
  • Optimize open enrollment
    Mercer’s AMS team will help you configure, test, and support your tenants during the critical open enrollment period. We’ll help you ensure that data is captured smoothly and that the user interface (UI) is optimized for all levels of employees (from part-time staff to executives).
  • Tackle business transformations
    Mergers, acquisitions, divestitures—as your business changes, so should your digital strategy. With Mercer’s market leading merger consulting, aligned with our AMS offering, you can count on the strategic advice you need to maximize these opportunities.

You're live! What's next?

All the hard work of building your customized instance and living and shifting your data has paid off, and now you're live on Workday or ServiceNow.
  • Technical expertise
    Do you have the technical expertise in each of your modules to keep your instance up and running?
  • Budget
    Do you have the budget to hire full-time employees to manage your subscription?
  • Resources
    Do you have the needed resources to keep up with your evolving business?
  • Platform updates
    Are you ready to build, test and deploy platform-issued updates?
  • Maintenance activities
    Do you have a clearl line of sight on all maintenance activities, and are you regularly transferring knowledge in the event of turnover?
  • Next steps
    Do you know where you're going next with this technology and how to optimize your investment?
Deployment is just the beginning. Mercer’s post-production services can help with maintenance, fixes, updates, and oning technical expertise — saving your team time and money.

Mercer’s approach to Workday support

Our AMS support consultants use an arsenal of tools to optimize your Workday deployment for ongoing value. They’ll consider your organizational, financial, and employee goals to ensure a strong return on your investment in Workday and your business transformation.

Here’s how we maintain our 95% customer satisfaction rate1:

  • Dedicated Workday certified AMS team
    Mercer’s full-time, multi-certified application management support consultants respond to your needs quickly. As certified Workday consultants, they’re skilled in the latest Workday functionality and dedicated exclusively to your post-production support
  • Experienced leadership
    To help solve your biggest challenges, our experienced implementation specialists will oversee every ticket you submit. You’ll receive overall quality assurance from consultants with years of Workday experience.
  • Proactive customer success managers
    Your satisfaction is the sole focus of your customer success manager. Your dedicated manager will quickly address escalations and questions, and assist with road mapping and strategizing new functionalities.
  • Tiered support
    You can choose from four levels of support—from bronze to platinum—and fully customized allotments of hours and contract duration. Your application management services are tailored to meet your specific needs and budget.
  • Multiple channel interaction
    You can receive interactive support through web forms, emails, phone calls, or virtual meetings—whatever works best for you.
1Mercer customer satisfaction survey.
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