How we facilitate your journey through pay and benefit surveys

Partner with us to make the most of our market-leading employee remuneration database, with comprehensive support from start to finish. 
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How to take the best from Mercer Compensation & Benefits surveys

For all Mercer's remuneration surveys, your journey takes five simple steps:
  • 1. Kick-off event

    Get familiar with newest market trends and forecast. Kick-off meetings are not present in every country. Check the calendar and sign up for desired event.
  • 2. Preparation

    Make yourself ready before start. Visit Mercer Resources Center for plenty of useful training materials and/or sign up for one of webinars.
  • 3. Participation

    Use Mercer Data Connector to submit your data online, faster.
  • 4. Results

    Access insights and benchmarks via Mercer WIN® platform.
  • 5. Post-survey event

    Learn about fresh survey insights and survey results. Meet special quests and other participants. Check the event's calendar and register for Post-survey meeting in respective country.

How to participate in compensation and benefit surveys - and why

Participating in salary surveys is an effort that pays off! Thanks to your contribution, we maintain industry-leading breadth and relevance of our remuneration database, which you can access with a 50% discount as a participant, alongside custom participant-only pay benchmarking solutions. 

And with our online Mercer Data Connector (MDC) platform, your data submission is streamlined, intuitive, and gets easier year after year thanks to machine-learning algorithms!

We make it simple for you

Participation in Compensation & Benefits Surveys

When the time comes to submit your data, Mercer Data Connector simplifies the process for you, facilitates global collaboration and ensures data accuracy with AI-powered algorithms:
  • Seamless data import
    Upload your input using just one file.
  • Built-in delegation
    Assign access with secure, role-based user authentication.
  • Real-time tracking
    Keep up-to-date with instant visibility across sections, countries and companies.
  • AI-powered validation
    Stay on track with automated error detection and correction, guided alerts and immediate verification.
  • Increased job match accuracy
    Benefit from our proprietary job match algorithm and online job catalog.

    "Excellent new tool. Wish all the other survey providers I use had a tool like this one!”

    - Director of Compensation, Consumer Goods Industry


    “I like the online functionality and the job matching tool! The validation straight after is very useful too. I like that you prepopulate the data from last year, so that it is a review and update if required – it saves a lot of time.”

    - Rewards Analyst, Food & Beverage Industry


    “System is user-friendly, suggestions are helpful and useful. It definitely saved me time and I will be happy to use the Data Connector again in the future. Great and innovative IT tool.”

    - HR Operations Manager, High Tech Industry


    "Application has revolutionized the way we deliver data to Mercer surveys. The ease of delegating access within the app saves a lot of time and effort.”

    - Group Compensation & Benefits Leader, Life Science Industry.

How to access the results...

… and get the best from them

You need your salary benchmarking data to be easy to access and digest. Mercer Workforce Intelligence Network (Mercer WIN®) is an intuitive and powerful online platform that delivers your reports in a flexible digital format, allowing you to easily break down complex data into usable insights into employee compensation and other HR issues. 

(Almost) every data cut is possible

Get the most value from your salary surveys using Mercer WIN:

  • Instantly compare data across industries, regions and countries
  • Create unlimited peer groups for comparisons
  • Produce multi-market refinements in one view
  • Easily analyze and compare data by job, family, career level and position
  • Generate custom charts, graphs and reports at a click of a button
  • Extract reports and access regressed data
  • Leverage data ageing feature
And much more! 

Training webinar schedule

Dedicated online sessions are available throughout the year to help you with any ongoing doubts or queries regarding your data submission or results analysis. 

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Details coming soon.

Details coming soon.

Every Wednesday, 10:30am IST - EN
Register now

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Mercer Resources Center

live better, work brighter

Introducing the Mercer Resources Center, our online learning and information platform to help you with the full survey participation journey!

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