Defined Benefit Pension Plan Dashboard

Our interactive tool provides an overview of key statistics from your defined benefit plans, including investment strategy, funding position, projected cash flows and value at risk.

As the global pension market becomes increasingly complex, plan sponsors and trustees need quick and easy access to vital information to help them carry out their responsibilities.

To help organizations understand their global pension position and how it may impact their business, they need to see a range of bespoke data. Mercer’s Defined Benefit Dashboard (DB dashboard) provides precisely that. The curated, aggregated platform allows stakeholders to monitor their global funding levels and accounting positions, and gauge the impact of interest rates and market movements.

It displays annual contribution commitments and helps plan sponsors and trustees manage risk at a global and local level. Complete the contact form below to get started and sharpen your analysis today.

Benefits for plan sponsors and trustees

  • Insight and analysis at your fingertips

  • Online 24/7

  • Global and country-level view

  • Model impact of market movements

  • View trends over time

Some features of the tool

  • Global Dashboard covering a range of information to help plan sponsors, trustees and organizations understand and monitor their pension plans.
  • Highlight key countries by selecting the display order of countries and ability to change between reporting and local currencies.
  • What-if analysis to gauge the impact of interest rates and other market movements...
  • ...allowing comparison between 'Base' and 'Stress' positions.
  • Drill down to further levels of information across all widgets.
  • The Dashboard will become a repository over time, allowing comparison of data across a range of dates.

Sharpen your analysis

With the DB dashboard, all your pension assets and liability information is available at your fingertips - presented holistically, clearly and concisely.
The DB dashboard offers a customisable, user-friendly overview of key plan statistics. This is an invaluable tool for plan sponsors who are keen to understand the financial impact of different scenarios to their plans.
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