Life Insurance as an Emerging and Alternative Asset Class for Liquidity Needs and Protection

With daily reports of a resurgence and new waves of Coronavirus cases globally, the pandemic has further heightened public awareness on the importance and greater need for protection. Recent events have reminded us it is only prudent to put measures in place to protect one’s family, business and wealth, and there is no better time than now if not already done so.


Private Client Services by Mercer has developed short videos in English and Chinese languages that showcase how insurance can be an alternative asset class for diversification, and provide liquidity to protect one’s wealth and manage risks.


Different Types of Savings Plans

An unexpected event can catch anybody off guard.


Is there a better way to mitigate risks?


Unexpected events can have impacts going beyond health, they can affect the global economy.


Are you prepared to protect your wealth and manage your risks?


HNW life insurance is an emerging and alternative asset class that helps you to cater for wealth concerns, to manage business uncertainties, and to implement wealth distribution.


Watch the videos to learn more.


To view in English, please click here

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   Region-specific Videos 



The videos below showcase our PCS by Mercer Consultants in the respective regions.


  • English Language version: please click here
  • Chinese Language version: please click here


  • English Language version: please click here


Chinese Language version: please click here

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Our experienced Private Client Services by Mercer Consultants across Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and Switzerland are here to support you in these uncertain times and beyond.
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