Gender diversity is the stabilizer that will reinforce energy’s talent pipeline.


The most important pipeline in the energy industry isn’t in the wilds of Canada or Russia. It’s energy’s talent pipeline — a necessary stream of enthusiastic, engaged new employees excited about bringing power to the world’s homes and industries. Unfortunately, if the industry does not act quickly to include more women, that pipeline is in serious danger of restriction and disruption. 


Energy companies must move now to address serious gender-diversity shortfalls, managing career equity more proactively and introducing more accelerator roles for women into the talent ecosystem. If they do not, a talent pipeline crisis is almost certainly on their horizon. 


Much news has been made in recent years about the demographic and economic changes that threaten the energy workforce. The realities of unstable pricing, digital disruption, multiple generations in the workplace and negative perceptions among potential new hires are all issues companies are rightly scrambling to address. Most leaders recognize the ground shifts taking place as workers age out of the talent pool, and they understand the need to quickly attract and train a new generation of experts. 


But that “great crew change” isn’t the only challenge facing today’s energy companies. For decades, energy has been a male-dominated industry. Even today, when women comprise 50% of the available global workforce, they still hold less than 30% of available careers in energy. The industry is lagging seriously behind many others.


Energy companies understand this and are beginning to pay serious attention to hiring practices and pay equity within their organizations.


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Creating career equity for women in energy

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