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Mercer's Research Perspectives
Calendar08 October 2018

Welcome to the third and final edition of Research Perspectives for 2018!

We close out the year with a smorgasbord of investment-related topics:

  • Evolving Investment Governance Models: Driving Better Outcomes
  • Cyber Security: A Growing Operational Risk in the Investment Management Industry
  • Investment Opportunities
    • Low-volatility Equities: Too Good to Be True?
    • Making Sense of Multi-asset: the Big Picture
    • Real Estate: More Than Just Property
    • Real Assets
  • Timely Topics
    • GICS® Changes: Investor Considerations 
    • The Inclusion of China a-shares in MSCI Indices: Implications for Asset Managers and Investors
  • Postcards
    • From London
    • Diversity

Thanks for reading. Enjoy!

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