Pathway to Responsible Investing

Pathway to Responsible Investing

At Mercer, we define responsible investment (RI) as an investment approach that includes environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors and broader systemic issues — for example, climate change and sustainable development — along with active ownership (stewardship).

Yet, responsible investment can be confusing for investors and it can be difficult to know where to start and what should be the priority.


We are proud to introduce Mercer’s Responsible Investment Pathway to guide investors through four steps as your investment approach from Beliefs, Policy, Process, and of course, implementation in the Portfolio.

To learn more, please see our ABC of ESG paper that provides further detail on the four key ESG approaches, summarised below:

At Mercer, we recommend taking the step-by-step Responsible Investment Pathway to incorporate these approaches into your investment process. The following outlines the core steps of that pathway over a three year journey. 

The Responsible Investment Pathway

Below is an overview of some of Mercer’s core Responsible Investment services to support you along the way.


Mercer can help you evaluate and implement a successful Responsible Investment strategy. Ready to take the next step on the Pathway?

Visit our Responsible Investing page or contact your local Mercer representative.