Not-For-Profit European Industry Trends Survey


We’re launching our first Not-for-profit (“NFP”) European Investment Trends Survey. The survey will run on an annual basis and aim to provide valuable insights to the sector on what their peers are doing across areas such as investments, responsible investing and governance. The results of this report will support our NFP virtual exchange in January 2021. 


Please submit your responses no later than 17:00 GMT Wednesday 16th December 2020. We recognize that participation in this survey requires a special effort on the part of your organization. In return for your contribution, you will receive a complimentary copy of survey results. All results will be aggregated and individual responses will be kept strictly confidential. 

Not for-profit exchange

Thursday 21 January 

10.00 am - 12.50 pm GMT


We will be hosting our first not-for-profit exchange on 12 January 2021. During this live virtual conference, we will unveil the results of the survey, and exchange on how you can adapt and prepare for the challenges and opportunities ahead. In addition, you'll hear from a range of Mercer and external industry speakers across a number of bespoke investment themes tailored around the needs and challenges of not-for-profit organisations like yours.

How we work with not-for-profit organisations


From large, global foundations to small, family-run endowments, we help not-for-profit organisations design portfolios suitable to their needs and that help them in their search of better investment outcomes, while keeping them in control and their costs down.


Our investment solutions governance framework gives our not-for-profit and charities clients access to as much of our institutional investment capability as they need to help meet their objectives. These clients work with our experienced teams to formulate a long-term, diversified investment strategy, drawing on our insight gained from operating in this field for several decades. We can also implement their own strategy, using our institutional-standard operational platform to access a wide global range of managers and asset classes – at competitive fees.

Helping clients achieve better governance, efficiencies, diversification and ESG Case study: UK Charitable Trust


Understanding the challenges

We were approached by a client who didn’t have a clear long-term strategy in place for the sustainability of their Trust, including the level of grants that should be awarded each year to recipients. The Trustee wanted to spend more of their time focusing on core activities like awarding grants, rather than managing the Trust’s investments. They acknowledged to do this they would need to add extra resources to their in-house team who could manage all of the operational and investment aspects of the Trust’s investment portfolio. The Trust’s investments lacked diversification and exposed the portfolio to potentially significant downside risk.


Finding the best solutions

We worked with the Trustee to develop a clear strategy and objectives, enabling them to pan for a sustainable level of grants per year. We reshaped their investment strategy to create greater efficiency and higher level of expected return per unit of risk*. We achieved greater diversification through a full range of asset classes including private markets and incorporated ESG considerations across all asset classes. We were able to do this for similar investment manager fees as before. With Mercer’s reporting and help managing the managers, The trustee can now focus on their key responsibilities, and spend less time worrying about the Trust’s investments. 

Meet the Team

Amit Popat

Amit Popat

International Wealth Manager Leader

+44 20 7178 5732

Paul Fleming

Paul Fleming

UK Head of Investment – Endowments & Foundations

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Nathalie Degans

Nathalie Degans

Senior Consultant – Client Servicing


Tom Noall

Tom Noall

Endowments & Foundations Consultant

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Inge West

Inge West

Responsible Investment Consultant

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Footnotes: *modelling of current portfolio and new portfolio is an annualised expected return calculated on mecer capital market assumptions from a 10year forward looking time horizon.




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