Imagine a world where organizations could understand employees’ current skills and capabilities — and what they are capable of doing in the future — and use targeted development to match those skills to business needs at scale and speed. A world that could connect employees to opportunities inside and outside the organization and help deploy, engage, develop and retain employees. This is no longer an HR aspiration: It is now an attainable business imperative and a competitive advantage in today’s economy. This is an internal talent marketplace.

Mercer has teamed up with Eightfold AI to unlock the workforce’s full potential through world-class talent strategy design powered by cutting-edge talent AI. Helping our clients advance the new shape of work requires agility, digitization and a future focus.

Delivering real benefits

With the support of expert consulting and an AI-based talent platform, an internal talent marketplace delivers a broad range of tangible benefits. The agility of the workforce is improved. Employee performance and productivity is enhanced through targeted development. Engagement is heightened by improving the employee experience and advancing empowerment while broadening career opportunities. An internal talent marketplace can build organizational agility and create a fluid platform to respond to market demand, especially in uncertain times.


To learn more download our POV, Unlock skills and build future capacity. Spotlight on the internal talent marketplace.”

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