Thriving in a Disrupted World

Are you ready for the future of work?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is forever changing the way we work. Technological advances are reshaping value chains, making people and information more accessible, and redefining how work gets done. At the same time, changing workforce demographics and employees’ shifting expectations of the work experience are challenging the traditional model of what it means to “go to work.” 

How is your company positioned to respond to these trends?


Building a thriving organization

Over the course of the next decade, organizations that stand out from the crowd will be those that put people at the heart of their business. These organizations are obsessed with enabling people, teams, and the workforce as whole to thrive. These companies will seek to build a work environment where:

  • Success is redefined by an increased societal accountability.
  • Resilience and adaptability are core elements of the organizational DNA.

  • The employee value proposition seeks to enrich the lives of workers, meeting their health, wealth, and career growth needs.
  • Individuals feel connected, challenged, and empowered at work.
  • Leaders drive an organizational culture that is both virtuous and agile, acting as stewards of responsible innovation.
  • Managers provide the personal support required to help individuals to reach their potential.
  • And all parties work together to promote collaboration, develop meaningful connections, build trust, and foster fairness, transparency, and accountability. 
  • What defines a thriving workforce? Trust, transparency, inclusiveness, connectedness, approachability

    Thriving in a disruptive world offers a new path to success.

    Walk inside a thriving organization and one thing is clear: people are excited to be there. These organizations have a palpable buzz – a sense of energy and vitality that is attractive, enlivening, and stimulating. Thriving organizations create work environments that make employees look forward to coming to work. And the results speak for themselves…Companies with agile and purpose-driven cultures are more likely to experience financial success. According to preliminary research, Mercer found significant positive time-lagged correlations between revenue growth and employee perceptions of organizational agility and purposefulness.

    How are organizations doing?

    Mercer conducted a study of more than 800 HR and business leaders in 57 countries across 26 industries to gather a variety of perspectives on “what it takes to thrive” in the workplace. We were surprised by some of the findings:

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