Next Stage: Future-Fit Approaches to Longevity

Next Stage: Future-Fit Approaches to Longevity

Mercer’s Next Stage platform explores future-fit approaches to longevity that enable employers to optimize their workforce performance by capturing the value of age and experience in a changing world of work.

Our approach helps companies better understand their experienced workers and develop a robust strategy to maximize their immense potential:

  • Determine how the experienced workforce aligns with an organization’s workforce needs based on current and projected age profiles, internally and externally
  • Accurately measure the contributions of experienced workers and improve deployment of their skills and experience
  • Ensure that practices and policies are enabling organizations to maximize the contributions of experienced workers while holding down costs
  • Predict retirement (or often, nonretirement) risk and the factors that most influence it
  • Assess the flexibility of work, workplace and workforce
  • Help employees manage “aging” well and prepare for retirement
  • Build the business case for becoming an age-ready organization
  • Minimize associated longevity risks and litigation

Mercer has developed a series of diagnostics and support tools to help employers optimally engage and leverage their experienced workforce, as well as assess and mitigate risks.  They are:

  • Based on data and analytics, not assumptions
  • Tailored to an  organization’s unique circumstances and aligned to its overall business strategy

Innovative and far reaching, designed to solve real and complex pain points 

Discover the steps you can take today to build an age-ready organization. Contact Mercer’s Next Stage team to get started.