To help guide organisations, Mercer launched a global Job Evaluation study in early 2015 to gauge attitudes towards, and benefits and return on investment derived from, implementing job evaluation. The study findings support HR professionals looking to grow their internal talent while at the same time bringing clarity, consistency, and control to their organisations.


"Job evaluation continues to evolve. From what, in the past, was often perceived as a black box process, the focus now is on open communication and transparency. Where there were experts, now there are facilitators. And, where job evaluation was primarily an accountability of reward professionals, applications now span the HR spectrum from rewards to career management and workforce planning."

Developing Meaningful Workforce Rewards

Business results are driven by people. But what are people driven by?


A paycheck, yes — but there’s more to it than that. Mercer has more than 70 years of experience understanding what drives employees and translating that knowledge into results. You won’t find data like ours anywhere else. Our benchmark database is the best in the business for evaluating and creating competitive compensation offerings.


We have the experience and the hard numbers to design your organization’s workforce rewards, structure incentive programs, manage internal equity, and, most of all, create a satisfied and more productive workforce.

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