Masterclass: Asset Allocation

In this video, three financial experts, including Mercer’s Rich Nuzum, sit down with Asset TV to discuss how investors should handle asset allocation within the context of an environment of heightened volatility and explain how alternative investment strategies can help investors meet their objectives.

With current volatility in the markets, how should investors allocate their portfolios? Watch as three top experts discuss asset allocation strategies for the current market:

  • Rich Nuzum - North America Regional Business Leader, Investments at Mercer
  • Richard Golod - Chief Global Strategist at Provasi Capital Partners
  • John Ross - Senior Vice President, Investment Research at Segal Rogerscasey 

The panel of financial experts talk about the hedge fund space and why it might be a promising place to allocate. Also discussed are other areas in the market that offer potential for growth including alternatives and multi-asset class solutions, and whether they are working more as alpha generators, volatility mitigators, or both.

The panel members offer their opinions on different geographic markets and share final takeaways for investors to actively consider.

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