Taiwan Enacts Hiring Incentives and Protections for Older Workers

Connecticut Enacts Paid Family and Medical Leave

Taiwan’s parliament has passed measures aimed at increasing the employment rate among older workers. The law’s effective date will be announced in 2020. The Middle-Aged and Seniors Employment Protection Law aims to increase the protection of older workers aged 45–65 years (middle-aged workers) and those over age 65. Government data forecasts that elderly individuals will exceed 20% of the population by 2026. 


  • Older workers must be treated equally with regard to recruitment, promotion, salary, benefits, retirement issues, dismissal, employee performance evaluation and the allocation of roles.
  • Employers are encouraged to increase their hiring of older workers (for example, by offering fixed-term contracts and job redesign).
  • The government will offer subsidies to employers that hire previously retired workers, and local labor authorities will offer training opportunities, job-matching services for workers and employers, and legal advice.
  • Workers who believe they have experienced discrimination will be allowed to file a complaint with the local labor authority and will be protected from dismissal, transfer or any other type of retribution. 
  • Employers that breach the act could be fined up to NT$1.5 million for a discriminatory act or between NT$20,000 and NT$300,000 if they fire or transfer a worker who has filed a complaint.
  • Employers that breach the act could be “named and shamed” by the ministry of labor and ordered to make improvements within a set timeframe.  

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