Global Legislative Update, September 2019

South Korean Pension Providers Face New Disclosure Requirements

The Global Legislative Update for September 2019 provides insights from Mercer consultants around the globe about key legal developments affecting employers’ benefit and human resource programs in various countries. Some highlights from the latest issue include:


Brazil: Pension Regulator Updates List of Systemically Important Entities
Canada: Tax Proposals Target Employee Stock Options
Dominican Republic: Minimum Wage, Social Security Contributions Have Increased
United States: Labor Department Approves Defined Contribution Auto-Portability Program


Australia: High-Earner Partial Superannuation Opt-Out Proposed
China: Certain Foreign Nationals Have Eased Visa Rules
Hong Kong: Same-Sex Couples Must Receive Spousal Benefits
India: Enacted Wage Code Addresses Minimum Rates, Payment Schedules
Japan: Stronger Protection Against Workplace Harassment Will Phase in Next Year
New Zealand: Temporary Agency Workers Gain New Rights
Singapore: Retirement and Re-Employment Ages and CPF Contributions Will Increase
South Korea: Pension Providers Face New Disclosure Requirements
Taiwan: Work-Hour Limits for Higher Earners Have Eased


European Union: Finalized Directives Address Work-Life Balance, Including Leave Rights
Austria: Employees Now Have Right to Unpaid Paternity Leave
Belgium: Updated Corporate Governance Code Applies for 2020 Reporting
France: Ordinances Detail 'Loi Pacte' Pension Reforms
Employers Have Lower Social Contribution Tax
Ireland: Unpaid Parental Leave Will Increase
Italy: Companies Restructuring May Offer Early Retirement to Certain Employees
Lithuania: Tax Treatment of Employee Stock Options Will Change in 2020
Poland: Revised Labor Code Takes Effect
Romania: Public Pension Age Has Increased, but Some Women Have Lower Pension Age
Russia: Government Announces Minimum Wage Increase for 2020
Switzerland: New Ordinance Sets Gender Pay Audit Criteria
Ukraine: Employers Get Guidance on Social Contribution for Nonresidents
United Kingdom: Consultations Review Labour Enforcement, Family Leave, Flexible Work

Stephanie Rosseau
by Stephanie Rosseau

Principal, Mercer’s Law & Policy Group

Fiona Webster
by Fiona Webster

Principal, Mercer’s Law & Policy Group

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